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01 January 2017 :

Déjà 60 ans d'existence... Matel toujours au service de ses clients... PRESENTATION

22 April 2016 :

High Stability VHF Very Low Power OCXO: AXIOM37H-14

22 September 2015 :

Ultra-low phase noise OCXO : AXIUM75ULN


More than 60 years experience, permits to Matel's company, specialized in the crystals component supplying, to develop its range products with a strict product quality and a strict choice of its partners in Europe and Asia.



  • 1957 : Matel's creation for the manufacturing of crystals resonators for professionals applications
  • 1988 : improvement of its range product and development of its crystals oscillators manufacturing
  • 1992 : new parternship with Asian crystals manufacturers
  • 1995: Matel buy COPELEC, a French manufacturing crystals products
  • 2004 : partnership with AXTAL, a German company, specialized in the manufacturing of OCXO, military and spatial VCXO products
  • 2005 : after 5 years of partnership with a Chinese company "HOSONIC", specialized in the resonators and oscillators manufacturing since 1979, Matel becomes the representative HOSONIC in France
  • 2008 : Matel stop its production and move the factory to Aubenas in Rhone Alpes
  • 2014 : choice with some news partners to develop its range product like OCXO, for Télécom applications, TCXO hight stability, CXO ultra miniature